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Giga Solar is one stop solution for all your solar needs, be it on grid or off grid solar products or solar plant engineering, procurement & construction.

With our team of experts and our rich industry experience we claim to offer the most superior quality and service. Our focus is to deliver more than what is promised to the customer.

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Our Mission

Giga Solar’s mission is to revolutionize Indian Rooftop Solar through Innovation, Continuous improvement, Unmatched Customer Service & Superior Quality

Our Vision

To become the national leader in bringing affordable solar solutions to every doorstep and pioneer the change towards self-sustainability at root level.

What Makes Us Different

  • One company fits all – We provide solutions for all types of rooftops – big or small.
  • Customized solutions – We understand that one size doesn’t fit all. So we customize and engineer as per customer demands.
  • We Value quality of product and loyal relations with our clients over profits.
  • Our focus to develop Affordable Solutions

Our Growth Story

Founded just over 3 years ago, Giga Solar has grown from being a local player to a nationwide brand. We have heavily invested in organic growth, building strategies and enhancing our engineering capabilities to build a strong foundation for the company. Started as an Engineering Procurement Construction company, Giga Solar today has a vast range of products developed by our team of highly skilled technologists. Throughout our journeywe have always valued Perseverance and Quality in work and Honesty and Transparency with Clients more than anything else. We believe in collaborating with the right partners and constant learning and improvement to provide the best to our end customers.