We do a thorough engineering and designing for all our solar power plants, no matter what the size. Our team of engineers ensures that the most efficient design is developed for your solar power plant. We emphasize on maximizing the running time of your plant by keeping it shadow free for maximum possible sunshine hours throughout the year.

By doing so we can guarantee you an unmatched plant generation.


Our construction team has experience of handling and executing large scale EPC projects, which results in a trouble free installation & commissioning at client site.

We have developed a strong project management team which ensures a proper planning, scheduling, timely execution & completion of our projects.


With our online monitoring portal we are able to closely monitor the daily generation of all our solar installations.  This enables us to take a prompt action in case of any faults thus reducing the downtime of your plant.

Our aim is to maximize your return on investment. The key to achieve this is to keep the plant up and running all the time. We have a dedicated team for regular monitoring and prompt servicing of the solar  plants.

What We Do..?

Giga Solar is a Solar Turnkey EPC company that provides state of the art Consulting-Engineering-Contracting-Commissioning services dedicated to development of Solar Roof Top Power Plants for residential, institutional and commercial setups.

Our focus is to provide the most cost efficient solution to the customers based on their average power consumption and maximize their return on investment. We have collaborated with some of the leading players in the solar power industry to deliver the best product and offer the finest after sales services to our customers.

With our team of skilled specialists, we are gradually increasing our foot print in the market and are helping numerous households and corporates across India garner the power of sun.

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